How to Show Current Template Files in WordPress Menu Bar

If you are a designer or developer and have ever been in a frustrating situation trying to figure out a template used on a WordPress site to display a page, this tutorial is for you. Most WordPress websites have specific templates used for certain things. In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily find and see the current model. WordPress templates come in all form types and can display a certain page, post, and category in different ways, depending on the theme used. If you need WordPress to get this information and show you what’s displayed, then you’ll want to use the plugin listed in this tutorial.

Searching for a Current Model

There are also a few other plugin options listed at the bottom if this one doesn’t meet your needs. These are just other options available if you prefer something different. Searching for a current model Without the use of a plugin to create a shortcut or view a current template, the easiest way to view all files and templates on your site is to go to the theme editor section in your dashboard. WordPress administration. Here you will find the site files and Uruguay Phone Number List the current templates that the theme runs. To do this, click on Appearance > Theme Editor and it will take you to all the current site files.

Most WordPress Websites Have Specific Templates

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Appearance then theme editor, However, if you’re trying to figure out a current theme used in a certain page or post you’re working on. Then having to dig all that out to find out is a hassle and can be time-consuming. So, in order to get a WordPress template much easier and faster, we are going to review a slick plugin I found called Reveal Template. This plugin makes finding and revealing a current model much faster and easier. You can do this using a number of different methods. Let’s take a look at the plugin together before installing it and getting it ready for use.

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