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News report 2022 participation news Where do we read the news? Do you also start your day by reading the news on your mobile? Most Dutch people (26%) do that. Although television (24%) is still popular for some current affairs with coffee. The over-35s prefer direct news app or site for their daily portion of news. The fact that many Cyprus Phone Number people opt for direct access to news organizations via a familiar environment shows that a large part of the respondents feels a strong connection with one or more news brands. Research also shows that trust in news is strongly related to the connection with a particular news brand or organization. A most important find, and a challenge for the news brands for the coming years; bind existing and new users.

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Access online news preferences Digital News Monitor 2022 Indirect access to news Overall, the number of users opting for direct access to news organizations is declining. Almost 71% of young people opt for indirect access to news. They Cyprus Phone Number news gathering sites (Google News, Apple News, Topics and Snapchat Discover), notifications, search engines or social media. For example, access is increasingly determined by personalized notifications or by the intervention of a Cyprus Phone Number, often controlled by AI. So again a filter bubble alert!

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An additional question here is how users recognize journalistic messages between this stream of messages. What distinctive value do Cyprus Phone Number products have? The ability to recognize professional reporting is increasingly becoming a skill that users must possess in order to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff (see also the box below). There is an urgent advice to news brands to contribute more actively to the development of those skills.*** Content Creators news source Cyprus Phone Number News Report 2022 Impact of the creator economy A clear trend among young people is the attention for journalistic content creators.

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