Seo Can Take Longer to Really Get Started

So when you hear from me, Michael Johnson. I hope that when we talk today, another Michael Scott can feel his presence, like Michael said. I hope people are afraid of how much they love me, we want to… 0:05:28.1 Michael Johnson. We want people to be afraid of how much Google loves you, so the main thing we’re trying to avoid here is having your company or your brand create. Toby Flenderson and content, and for us, Toby Flenderson in. The content is, is the content of it very similar to Michael, you just look at it and you say, why are you like this?  And number three is link building failure and driving the authority of their content , I know they do sound like basic principles.

You Will See Great Results

First of all, keyword research, a lot of brands I’ve dealt with, they treat their keyword strategy like Michael Scott treats sentences, and sometimes I start a content strategy. 0:06:37.8 Michael Johnson: I don’t even know where it’s going. I just wish I found it all the way, you can say you’re in a situation where it feels like you’re just outputting New Zealand Phone Number paragraph after paragraph and you’re not getting any traffic, you’re not seeing any results. A lot of brands I’ve come across, they’re so busy finding all the different variations of their keywords, buying keywords at the bottom they forget all the stuff people are actually looking for.


ill See Great Results

All the questions they ask at every step of the marketing funnel so think about the buyer journey and every part of the marketing funnel, not just the last few steps, what I’m summing up is that Google is more of a library than a stripper dance shopping center. So if you want your website to be successful on Google, make your website a great place to get information and learn, if you’re educating people and they’ll visit your website, they’re going to get a lot of credit for your brand Trust, they’ll get to know you and then they’ll go down that funnel and make a buyer, buy decision, so like I said, don’t just address the bottom of your marketing funnel with your organic marketing funnel.

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