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which allows you to chat and communicate with friends and family using this fascinating technological advance. The experience of enjoying a few moments of conversation with a distant loved one is completely transformed when you watch them through Oculus. the virtual reality headset created by Palmer Luckey and recently acquired by Facebook. Of course. this application is only available for mobile systems. And although it is quite sophisticated. the truth is that it has started a whole series of similar social networks . which will fully exploit the virtual reality market in the coming years.

peach It is one of the most recent mobile social media-oriented applications. and it was created for those Saudi arabia whatsapp number list people who love everything fast and innovative that a network can offer. such as gifs. photographs and eye-catching statuses. for example. The added contacts can be viewed on the main dashboard. as well as the status of each of them. On the other hand. just by typing a particular letter. different elements will appear immediately. In this way. the letter “G” is used to immediately send a gif to another user. while the “C” makes a calendar available to the Internet user.

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These commands improve the experience of each. Person and make them interact in a fun and fast. Way in this network that has more and more followers. Happn The fact that its name is a clear reference. To the word “Happiness” is no coincidence. Since this social network aims to connect users from. All over the world so that they can find the love of their life through her. Or at least to cultivate great friendships. Hapnn allows you to import personal data from Facebook or. Instagram to enter and discover new users.

Saudi arabia whatsapp number list

Each of these profiles will be shown by the application to. Decide which of them is a good candidate to start. A love or friendship relationship. This network allows you to discover other users in real time. That is. if someone walks down the street and runs into people who are also using it. The system will send the notification to check the profiles of. Those prospects in just a few seconds. You can even send greetings to that subscriber. If they have liked each other by pressing the “like” or “heart” symbol on. The respective profiles. they will then be able to start a conversation.

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In short: the new social networks for mobile 2017 are fun. dynamic and avant-garde. It is too early to say that any of them will surpass Facebook or Twitter. But what is a fact is that each one is taking over a segment of the current market thanks to its originality and striking characteristics. SHARE: Social commerce is an extremely relevant concept in the digital field today. These platforms. generating millions of visits every day. are the perfect medium for marketing different goods thanks.

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