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Individuals seeking their own place in the business environment. Now, after knowing these data, what is coming for 2018? High-quality written content. A trend that emerged some time ago with the arrival of “Pulse” . Will be more important than ever in 2018. Its value lies in its own characteristics. Creation of own content. The production of information within this network will. Not only improve your brand value, but also allows the promotion. Of content organically among professionals who are looking for useful and high-quality options.

Promotion of new talent: Creative minds and content creators love Pulse, as it allows them to develop their skills in producing and Finland whatsapp number list disseminating professional information with the potential to generate interest among companies of different kinds. video content The implementation of video marketing in this network has been one of the main changes this year. For the next, video content will multiply and become part of the digital strategy of B2C and B2B companies alike. Thanks to this technology, companies will now promote their job offer in a much more attractive way.

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The results have not been long in coming. Since the video content on this platform generates three times more interest than any other. Therefore, the currency is up in the air and surely. The opportunities will be. Taken advantage of by marketers more than ever. Personal and professional branding. Social networks are no longer just a means to contact friends and family. Post photos and have fun. Many regular people are taking it very seriously and so we see on. Instagram, for example, how influencers proliferate more and more. For its part, Linkedin is another ideal medium for the development of this scenario.

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Professionals will go from being mere elements looking for job opportunities to undertaking personal branding actions that lead them to position themselves better than ever. This includes an entire marketing plan on an individual scale that will include a better use of multimedia content, optimized descriptions and information in the curriculum vitae, as well as a complete change of vision to face these new challenges. The same will happen with companies: their branding strategies will focus on recruiting the best elements, as well as establishing long-term B2B relationships. Creativity will play a very important role in this aspect, without a doubt.

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Marketing specialists will have work to spare during 2018. What will happen in this professional social network will be interesting and will make large and small companies, as well as professionals of all kinds, improve their strategies in order to find the best space in this means, medium.Social media trends for 2018 are as varied as they are interesting. Each of them requires analysis, study and interpretation of ideas to apply them in future digital campaigns. The Internet has changed and the same has happened with these media, of course.

Therefore, it is time to learn about these trends and how they will affect your brand strategy. SHARE: Alternative solutions to the decrease in organic traffic For some time now, various media outlets and experts have been reporting on the decline in organic reach on social media. Suddenly, although the visits to these sites are still in the hundreds of millions, the numbers have gradually decreased. This is due to a great combination of factors, from algorithm changes, something that especially affected Facebook and Instagram, to the saturation of news in these media.


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