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All studies show that building an audience with ‘making things’ Hungary Phone Number takes a lot, a lot of time. For example, in the US. 67 percent of full-time creators (who can make a living off it) started building audiences more than three years ago (and a quarter of a decade ago). In terms of income you can say that experience helps; the longer you work, the Hungary Phone Number more you earn. Remarkably, the big stories of high-money-making YouTubers are fun, but they have nothing to do with reality; 22 percent of full-time creators Hungary Phone Number earn between 50 and 150K. Logically, the creators give a higher score on happiness in life the more money they earn. The top earners rate their lives with a 7.9.

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In this case, it may very well be the case that due to the acquisition costs, cleaning the first time is loss-making for the cleaning company. But this turns into Hungary Phone Number a profitable customer after, for example, 2 or 3 cleanings. In short, in this case it would therefore be unwise to focus only on the acquisition costs Hungary Phone Number because retention is likely. Involving the Customer Lifetime Value is the motto here. A customer who calculates the Customer Lifetime Value. How do you calculate Hungary Phone Number the Customer Lifetime Value? This can be based on historical data and/or on the basis of informed estimates about the future.

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The choice for historical data and/or informed estimates is completely dependent on the amount of data that has already been collected in the past. If Hungary Phone Number you can make use of historical data, then it is necessary to have a Hungary Phone Number CRM system in which the following becomes clear: What percentage of customers have bought something more than once? For customers who have bought something more than once: what is the average time interval between purchases? What is the Hungary Phone Number average order amount per order? How often does the customer return in his or her life? Let’s do this for the fictional cleaning company that specializes in cleaning solar panels.

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