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Instagram is one of the most successful social networks. Today thanks to its unique platform that allows the promotion of content.  As well as the sale of products and services. One of the key factors for this to be successfully achieved is the use of hashtags. Do you know how to use them in your stories?  The importance of hashtags. Such elements are basic in this and other social. Networks for several important reasons. Allow other users to find your content quickly.

According to the quality of the content and the hashtags, your photos and videos can be positioned among the best, thus Bulgaria whatsapp number list generating important exposure for your brand. -Substantially increase the number of subscribers. Learn to use hashtags in Instagram stories Is it possible to add them to stories? Effectively. In addition to your regular photos. The short- lived stories you regularly. Post also require hashtags to get your content noticed.

How To Use Hashtags

Before doing so, follow these recommendations. Remember that said content disappears daily. Or at the time you decide to delete it. To increase the possibility of success, configure the option to “share stories” in your profile. Since in this way your followers will be able to. Send them to their contacts through private chat. Now, the way to add them to your stories is as follows. When adding content, such as photos or videos. At the top you will see an icon in the shape of a sticker.

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Click on it to add content. -Once inside the options you will see some such as temperature, icons, survey and hashtags. This last one is the one that interests you, so click on it again. -When you start adding them, the system shows you several options as you write the label. Place it anywhere in the content by dragging it to position it properly. This is where we move on to the next point.

In Instagram Stories

The importance of taking advantage of hashtags and the multiple options they provide on Instagram Knowing how to place them is the beginning of the work. Now, it is time to know which ones to use to take full advantage of their advantages: -Geographical location: Take advantage of your local audience by adding a label relative to your city. In this way, your followers will feel identified and you will create a much more loyal community of followers.

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