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You do that by staying close to yourself and especially not being fooled by everything that happens around you. Conduct your own research, increase your knowledge in relevant areas and look Argentina Phone Number beyond what the algorithms want. Think of the content you create as a conversation with the reader. Let your (brand) personality shine through and make your content fun to read. Argentina Phone Number For example, if you write about things to consider when buying a bathroom, you can list them. It’s much more fun if you supplement it with anecdotes.

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A lot has changed during the pandemic. We have started living differently. For example, we change location more often and we are no longer at home or at the office as standard Argentina Phone Number This is one of the reasons why the way we consume content has changed. Keep this in mind in your content creation. A blog can also let you record so your readers can listen on the go. And you can also turn into a written blog. Play with the ways you present your content. Argentina Phone Number Of course, this also applies: keep listening to your customers.

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  Playful: short videos stay Argentina Phone Number

And that’s a good thing, because  are the way to make your content more playful. My tip to do more with short videos is above all: don’t make it too complicated for yourself. If you share a short video, mine doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be human. Maybe my favorite. I see content marketers working incredibly hard to keep producing new content. Often this is not necessary at all. Your focus should be on the content that delivers results. If you have an old white paper that keeps getting downloads over and over, why create new content?

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