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Why mess up a good thing by making changes?But this kind of thinking can leave your business vulnerable — particularly if your PPC success relies heavily on one factor, such as a single keyword.If the situation should suddenly Mexico Phone Number change – say more competitors come into the market or Google Ads changes its algorithm – those wonderful returns may drop off dramatically.

And you’ll be left wondering where to go from there.So what’s the solution?But instead of putting them into performance-bas campaigns, put them into campaigns that will help you find new audiences and build your brand.Just like you can’t grow your financial portfolio if you spend all the returns, it’s difficult to grow your PPC program if you don’t reinvest some of your PPC sales revenue back into it.

And one way to reinvest is to divert some of your PPC-generated sales revenue into brand-building campaigns.The best way to future proof your business  is to reinvest some of those awesome returns back into your PPC program.In this article, you’ll find an example of how we’re implementing this strategy for a B2C business.

PPC Success Relies on a Single Keyword


They’re doubling their ROI. So for every dollar they’re putting into PPC, they’re getting two dollars in return.Double!Consequently, they’ve raised their budget from $6K to $15K per month (and with those returns, why would(Their product can be purchased and delivered online, which Mexico Phone Number also helps with their rate of return.) n’t you?).But at the same time, this company’s PPC program success is vulnerable, even with these astonishing results.The problem lies in how they’re getting those results.

The vast majority of their  success relies on one keyword. One!

Keyword is a hot ticket in their industry right now, and it happens to perfectly describe the company’s new product.So they’re getting great results from people searching for that term and clicking on their ads.


When PPC Success Relies on a Single Keyword

Mexico Phone Number
Mexico Phone Number

This reliance on a single keyword makes me nervous.Because as competition.

For this keyword increases .and it probably will because it exists in a popular, topical area – this company could. Easily lose its advantage.

And we definitely. Want to prevent that.for this client, my advice is to take. Some  of those returns and put them into the. Google display network (gdn) and youtube.

Then we’ll implement a process .of testing and learning to find new audiences. And grow brand it happens, the gdn is a perfect tool for building brand awareness.that’s why we implemented a program of testing. And learning on the gdn to see what kind of targeting. Strategies will work for this client and their new product.

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