Social Recruiting The Secret To Ensuring Positive Roi I Like

Caller: We realized we as a business were not doing enough to leverage social media. I mean, all the candidates are there right now, so we have to make sure we’re there too. Social-Hire: So what is your success and what do you hope to see once you figure out how to build a better recruiting presence on social media? Caller: Well, we would like to have more followers on our account, targeted followers from our industry. A good mix of clients and candidates allows more and more people to know about our business. Social-Hire: So what do you think about more placement costs that translate to your business/more candidate applications/more conversations with potential recruiting clients?

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going Any Road Will Get You There

Caller: Good question. Honestly, I didn’t expect that far I just know we can’t be left behind. So allow me to share with you an Aha moment that can help you get a higher ROI from your social recruiting efforts than almost any competitor. You must think of your social media presence as a sales funnel. The funnel starts with defining who your business needs to win. It ends with the desired actions you want these people to take so that they actually become valuable people to Georgia Phone Number List your business. You see that followers have limited business value. A prospect asking to speak to your recruiting agency is a completely different proposition.

We Realized We as a Business Were Not Doing Enough to Leverage

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Breaking the social media sales funnel. So we start with the target audience our business wants to reach through social media. Define them thoroughly. What is their job title, what publications do they read, what tools and services are they likely to use, what industry events are they likely to attend, who do they look up to and what advice do they seek? The next step is to make sure we’ve created our social media profiles – and the content strategy we’ll be sharing on those profiles – with the defined target audience in mind. What makes those people want to follow us? What types of insights are they most likely to find valuable? If we can get these things right, our social media pages.

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