Social Networking Sites Change Your Job Search Strategy

Social networking sites enable employers to build their own internal recruiting practices. In conclusion, the main obstacle for employers to hire more internally has historically been their lack of access to extensive candidate databases. Recruitment agencies have their proprietary database of candidates, employers do not. This allows employers to advertise their vacancies and complement them. Their adverts by having recruiting businesses approach. Candidates from their database to strengthen shortlists of candidates. The rise of social networking sites has dramatically changed this balance. Essentially, recruiters and employers. Today have access to similar candidate networks through sites like LinkedIn.

Social Networking Sites Open Up Communication Channels for

Twitter, Google+, and professional sites like The impact of this is that employers are now hiring more internally. Therefore, as a candidate, you need to ensure that your candidate details appear in the Morocco Phone Number List channels recruiters search for candidates. I recommend having at least one compelling LinkedIn and Google+ profile, preferably complemented by a Twitter presence, and importing your LinkedIn profile summary into Social-Hire. To make a profile stand out, it needs to be easy to find on LinkedIn, and it also needs to attract recruiters who want to take action when they find you. Social networking sites open up communication channels for recruiters and candidates to interact with each other.

Social Networking Sites Open Up the Possibility of Hiring More

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These new platforms offer both parties a way to interact that doesn’t involve “unpleasant” cold calls. Recruiters can now approach candidates nonchalantly—in the way that was once elite headhunters—without even picking up the phone. They can build their network of candidates and referral contacts without having to be face-to-face. As a result, raw sales skills that were once so important in recruiting have become less important. So do you as a candidate.

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