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And there is also the option to segment according to gender. company size. skills. university. user position and the groups to which they belong. among many other alternatives. 2. Show what you know Are you an expert in financial advice? Does your company provide legal services? Or do you have a Digital Marketing agency ? Well. your experience should be clearly reflected in the advertising. In other words. if the idea of your advertisement is to promote a corporate blog .

the content that is used must show the extensive management on the subject. without falling into technicalities that are difficult to understand. And certainly. the same applies to each of Pakistan whatsapp number list the articles on the site. This will be essential to convey confidence. So. what information to provide in your ad? You have many options; for example. sponsor your best positioned content. share an ebook about the last study you did. or publish a tutorial that is extremely useful for users. 3.

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Use images According to Convince and Convert. including an image in social media posts can increase engagement by over 150%. But for this to happen. they need to be relevant. high-quality. and totally related to your LinkedIn ads. Although it is also essential that your visual content provides context and is capable of telling an attractive story. This implies using words that perfectly complement the image.

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and ensuring that it is unique. attractive and optimized for the social network; that is. that it has the appropriate size and the corresponding orientation. Moreover. if you are going to use material from an image bank. see if it is possible to edit it and print your style; otherwise. opt to generate your own visuals. Do not spread the same photograph that the public has seen in countless ads. 4. Make effective and affordable offers Define how much daily money you are willing to spend on your online advertising.

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You can choose between cost per click (CPC). cost per delivery (CPS). or cost per impression (CPM). but keep in mind that when someone visits a LinkedIn page. an auction is generated and the advertiser with the highest bid wins and get your ad displayed. For this reason. the size of the budget and budget management are essential for the success of the campaign. So what to do to get better results? The same social network recommends establishing a competitive offer . avoiding daily budget limits that are too low. and setting the daily budgets in advance. 5.


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