Snapchat Para Las Empresas

Pay attention to the following: -You can create a character that represents the brand, which will guide the user to different levels. These may involve discovering some information, or playing a certain sport against another opponent. -The video game must be simple and you can promote it through one of your stories. Or, direct your followers to a landing page through them to download or play online.

Call your favorite company through social networks How about organizing a promotion through which you invite your followers to Austria whatsapp number list communicate with you via Snapchat? This will give them the opportunity to appreciate the faces behind the brand, as well as get valuable advice directly from your expert team. If your company is small or medium, remember that a single marketer is enough to carry out this campaign.

The Reward Can Be

The main idea is to connect with your audience and make each of them feel at home through this application. The creative ideas to apply in this social network are very varied. Take advantage of the best ones to organize a strategy that mixes good humor with avant-garde promotion ideas. Not only will you entertain your audience and strengthen your prestige, but you will also increase your conversion rate significantly.

Austria whatsapp number list

So categorical was Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement on January 11, announcing the new change in the Facebook algorithm . News that had a terrible reception in Marketing and Sales teams, due to the imminent degradation in the News Feed, of the publications generated by publishers and companies. What to expect from this update and how to prevent organic reach from dropping significantly? SHARE: In October 2017, the social network began an experiment in six countries, including Bolivia and Guatemala.

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To reduce the presence of fanpage posts and move them from the News Feed to another, called “Explore”. In other words, followers would have to visit a different section to access that content. The result? Several page managers saw a drop in traffic to their sites and a huge drop in user interactions. Fortunately, “Explore” was only part of the pilot test and will not be enabled for the rest of the world.

But privileging the publications of the contacts, degrading the presence of those that do not belong to that category, will become effective in the coming months; although, as we will see below, the consequences are not necessarily going to be similar or worse than those of the experiment. Goodbye to organic reach? The news from Facebook Absolutely not.

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