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Too often I see here that both forms of public are closed off from each other in separate network environments. A missed opportunity. Recently I saw myself at events that visitors really wanted to connect with ‘the other audience’, because there were also interesting people there. It is Thailand Phone Number important to work this out very well in advance and to facilitate well during the event itself. Think about how you, as a physical visitor, would prefer to network with a virtual visitor. Sitting on a comfortable chair and with stable wifi. Because video calling consumes power, preferably also with a power strip or socket nearby.

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Facilitate the meetings online as well, for example by organizing virtual breakout Thailand Phone Number sessions and speed dating in the program to which the physical audience is also lured. You can do Thailand Phone Number this, for example, by virtually inviting speakers here to talk afterwards. Often, after the program, the live stream is quickly cut off and the virtual platform closed. Keep this open and accessible to everyone until the day after the event and also make sure you Thailand Phone Number take the time zones of the visitors into account.

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One of the biggest buzzwords at the moment is of course the metaverse, which I Thailand Phone Number about earlier and which  Forbes is ‘the next big things for events and conferences’. I have experimented extensively with this myself recently. From organizing an event to hosting one in the metaverse. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have hard conference room walls, so you can design a virtual event space yourself. ‘The Sims’ for events. Will you make the area a big Frankwatching green area withThailand Phone Number  roaming virtual panthers? Or do you have the editors virtually sing a welcome song when you check in? You can really let loose as a creative person.

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