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Especially because our role has changed considerably in recent years. For example, you must have knowledge of UX, be technically substantiated, be able to design Ivory Coast Phone Number and manage an SEO team of various specialists (read management), have a good feeling for content and be able to network well. Is the job title SEO specialist still appropriate? Especially because the association is not always positive. If you Ivory Coast Phone Number ask a colleague (who is not directly related to SEO): “what do you think about an SEO specialist?” Then you quickly get an answer: “uhm yes…he/she always wants something with title something else…and uhm headers” or “Those are those Ivory Coast Phone Number guys who always want links”. Marketing managers, wake up: in 2022 that will no longer be the story.

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We have become managers rather than specialists. And that Ivory Coast Phone Number while the salary is unfortunately not yet in line with this (see the image below). Average Ivory Coast Phone Number salary SEO specialist While the people in the room asked some more questions, my SEO brain started working. We SEO specialists need to rebrand ourselves (and then lobby for a better salary). Together with other specialists, we came up with this title during a drink: Organic growth marketeers / managers. Do you have a better title? Then leave it in the comment below. Deepen your knowledge and get more out of SEO.

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Do you work on content on your website on a daily basis Ivory Coast Phone Number and do you know the basics of search engine optimization? Then you can deepen your knowledge and skills even further with the SEO (advanced) training. Learn about analytics, the customer search Ivory Coast Phone Number journey, language as the essence, link building and technical preconditions. View the training Read 4 comments Others also read An SEO quick scan in less than 30 minutes? That’s how you do that 3 reasons to switch from Yoast SEO to Rank Ivory Coast Phone Number Math 5 failure stories from marketing experts & what you learn from them About the author Jeroen Stikkelorum from.

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