How to Add Weight Based Shipping to Woocommerce in WordPress

Of all the issues you may encounter when selling products online, shipping options can be the most difficult to manage. Although WooCommerce allows you to add different shipping options, you cannot add weight-based shipping by default. However, there is a fantastic plugin you can use to achieve this. There are several reasons why you might want to add this form of shipping to your online store. Let’s see how to add WooCommerce weight-based pricing to your website as easily as possible. Why add weight-based shipping? Taxes and Shipping; these are probably the two most troublesome issues you face when selling items from your website. This can escalate when you need to ship out of the country or send bulky items.

Woocommerce Weight Based Shipping

The best way to do this is to add weight-based shipping in WooCommerce. This makes it easier for you to set acceptable shipping rates based on an item’s weight prices. It actually works in favor of both buyer and seller. It allows you to produce a fair price for shipping heavier items, while providing your customers with a fair rate for their purchase. Let’s face it, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to shipping. There are simply too many variables involved. WooCommerce has several add-ons, including a table-rate shipping style to integrate. And while this is another good way to set up shipping, it still doesn’t let you manage the proper Egypt Phone Number List weight and pricing. You can change prices in WooCommerce based on country, but not based on an item’s weight.

Woocommerce Weight-based Pricing to Your Website as Easily as Possible

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Let’s take a look at a great plugin that can be used to help you easily add different WooCommerce shipping costs based on weight. The WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping plugin is a very simple yet very powerful tool that allows you to easily add different shipping calculation costs based on weight. You can add multiple rules for various conditions. This gives you more freedom when it comes to shipping options based on a product’s weight. The plugin is compatible with all other WooCommerce plugins and is very easy to install and configure. It is also equipped with many interesting features. Some of them include:

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