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Let me start with a simple reason to choose SEO PowerSuite over Ahrefs. The first allows you to integrate several free SEO tools to get comprehensive results. You can integrate around 19 keyword tools, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and much more. Let’s see on what other aspects it dominates Ahrefs: SEO PowerSuite Vs Ahrefs. Reason – 1: Regular updates The popular free SEO tool that offers excellent support and comes with frequent updates. Aleh Barysevich, who developed this tool, explains how SEO PowerSuite can adapt to changes in Google’s ranking algorithm. The SEO PowerSuite tool has a script that

can track changes to search engine

algorithms every 12 minutes. Noticing any changes, the team will start brainstorming ways to upgrade SEO PowerSuite to accommodate those changes. Reason – 2: one-time investment The Ahrefs tool is available on monthly or yearly renewals. It is really difficult Partners Email Address to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars often. In this case, SEO PowerSuite wins the hearts and minds of online webmasters. SEO PowerSuite is desktop software that claims your one-time investment. Your SEO PowerSuite license gives you free access to its Search Algo updates for the first six months. After that, you can possibly spend some money. Otherwise, you can fully access the tool. Reason – 3: Link Building

Opportunities SEO PowerSuite’s

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LinkAssistant tool gives you more potential link building opportunities. The tool lets you choose between several link building methods to find leads. And, it can also fetch you the prospect’s email address to broadcast it with attractive email templates. Although Ahrefs is a comprehensive backlink analysis tool; but it has no such new link building features. Settings SEO PowerSuite Ahrefs Tool Version Desktop based web-based Free Edition Available Unavailable Operating system support Windows, Linux and MacOS Online access Keyword Rank Tracking 500+ search engines Google and very few

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