Sergio Navajas and his muses wrapped in colorful pop elements

Between transparencies, the feminine and cyberpunk details, this mexican. Illustrator built a mysterious universe sergio navajas is a mexican artist who began his career as a designer and. Gradually became involved in illustration. Attracted by urban art and largeformat outdoor painting, he began to find his own path within drawing. This was not easy due to the few opportunities he was given to create, from the difficulty of obtaining material, to finding. Someone who would donate a space to practice his work. Inspired by mike giant , aryz , zoer , shawn barber and mike lavallee , sergio began to develop his own visual style, but it was not until he met seher , one of the most important artists in the mexican street art scene , that he perfected it.


Admiration and Support for Community.

The way to concretize your ideas. Sergio navajas background remove service and his muses wrapped in colorful pop elements 1 the relationship of both artists began from the personal sphere, this served as emotional support for sergio by receiving the necessary strength to achieve what he wanted. Later they delved into the work and the knowledge of seher allowed the young illustrator to form a better support for his artistic development I think that illustration is the way to create, capture and communicate. I enjoy the whole ritual of starting from scratch to finish, and during the process forgetting everything… Starting over until you find what you want. Inspired by the evolution that was marked in his work and the doubt of not knowing where he would go, his work remained in a search for elements that strengthened him.

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The most important, which are still maintained, are BWB Directory the hearts and oriental culture as a support for his work, which he combines with cyberpunk details and the human skeleton . In addition to small nods to pop culture such as cartoon characters and popular commercial brands. Sergio navajas and his muses wrapped in colorful pop elements 3 the main. Element of her work is women in irreverent and rebellious situations and the color palette that. Most represents her is always made up of shades of purple, pink and blue. A characteristic element. That is present in several of his pieces are the transparencies , designed. To highlight the robotic interior of his characters, due to sergios fascination. With what is made half machine and half human.

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