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SHARE: Therefore. it will be mandatory to follow these tips so that the experience is truly rewarding. without last minute problems. Prevention is the key. of course. A guide of procedures to follow is essential Assigning the administration of social media to a person or group of people presupposes their experience and their ability to manage these platforms. Even so. it is necessary to document the procedures and rules to be followed for each social network. Among others. the following must be defined: -The quality parameters related to the spelling. grammar and length of the written content.

The schedule and frequency of publications . -The types of content recommended for the different networks and why each of Kazakhstan whatsapp number list them is appropriate. -The type of content restricted or not allowed in some media. Example: the language that Facebook prohibits or the type of images not allowed on Instagram. -The style with which the administrator should address the audience. -What is not allowed in interaction with users. Examples include discussions. disrespect. censorship without an important reason. or dealing with controversial issues related to politics if they have nothing to do with the objective or niche of the brand.

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Ensuring managers understand each of these guidelines will be the starting point for applying the other tips. Improve your social networks Be prepared for problems and contingencies. HBO Latin America recently faced a major. Problem due to failures in the transmission of its popular. Television series “Game of Thrones”. The professional way in which this cable company responded. While it didn’t satisfy all consumers. It did highlight something really essential: the importance of having a social media. PR team to overcome obstacles. Of course. you don’t need to be a brand as big as this to make use of this resource.

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Nor will it be necessary to have a team of 100 experts. Something similar. But it is mandatory that those in charge of solving this type. Of problem are trained in the following. Damage control when an unfavorable situation occurs. Which implies a perfect management of the psychology of the public. This includes an appropriate language. Attitude so that each user is convinced that the solution. Is on the way. -Preparation of press releases for social media.

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Which must contain very objective and useful. Information about a certain situation that concerns. Is of interest to the followers. -All information related to products and services. Especially when followers have urgent questions about them. Finding the ideal Brand Advocates. This term refers to those consumers so loyal to a brand. That they could easily become part of the public relations team and would even gladly do it for free. An example of this are those who own hundreds of articles of clothing from a sports company. Or those who seek to be the first to acquire a new smartphone from a famous technology company.

Finding them through social networks is relatively. Easy and their help is also very useful. It is advisable to resort to analytics. To get to know the consumers with the most interaction. Comments and reactions on a given page or group. Human research in real time is also important. Since it will lead to identifying the most participatory users at all times. These Brand Advocates will be the first to help the. Brand unconditionally whenever a problem arises. You have to choose people who show total loyalty without losing objectivity. that is.


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