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In it you can formulate answers to frequently asked questions, Share best practices and describe which resources the organization makes available for hybrid working. Man and woman think. What do you need? As you can see, as a Belize Phone Number communication department you can take. Important actions to steer hybrid work in the right direction. You need a few things for that. Internal social channels An internal social platform is indispensable for inclusive communication and engagement. You can think of Yammer , available as standard in all Microsoft licenses, or Workplace (formerly Facebook Workplace).

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Some of you have no doubt noticed this yourself. Your colleagues must have reasons to visit the platform, stay there and keep coming back. You need aBelize Phone Number  sophisticated activation strategy for this. Develop use cases with teams and communities and communicate them broadly as best practices. After that, good community management is essential. Not as a side job for a web editor or as a job for an intern, but with serious time, attention and knowledge of the organization. That approach helps Belize Phone Number just as much when there is already a platform with little activity. A relaunch, for example with a large JAM session, is therefore a good idea. We recently staged such a thematic, textual Q&A session with a senior leader for a client. In addition, 11,000 people, or 1 in 3 employees, were online on Yammer at the same time.

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Content Architecture You usually jam with everyone, Belize Phone Number but most conversations take place in the fishponds I talked about above. You organize this in a content architecture: a well-ordered structure of target groups, clusters and content on an Belize Phone Number online communication platform. A good content architecture: is clear – makes a clear distinction between need-to-know and nice-to-know. feels familiar – makes it feel familiar and safe for employees. breaks through silos – ensures that the same silos are not created as offline. avoids duplication – prevents different people from starting the same groups.

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