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Twitter allows it through “ Twitter Ads”. A system based on auctions. mainly aimed at companies. But that we can all use to the extent that our budget allows it. If your question is what do you get? The answer is advertising. since you are going to promote your tweets. Personal accounts. new products and brands in particular. with the intention of getting a greater number of followers and interactions that can generate more traffic and tweet activity. increasing the volume of your sales. You do not need to invest large amohttps unts of money. the limit is set by you. 4.

It helps you with surveys One of the features that make Twitter an original social network is the possibility Malta whatsapp number list it offers you to do surveys that can last from 5 minutes to 7 days. depending on how you configure them. If you are a tweet -addict. This will help you make decisions and consider different points of view for the same idea. In addition. it is an entertaining activity that allows you to interact with your followers and give them more participation in your profile (to the point that you accept it).

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An important point in this great option is that your vote or participation in the survey is anonymous. so you can express yourself freely. 5. Safe peace of mind? twitter has it Twitter has made countless efforts to protect the integrity of all users who make life on this website. since there have always been great differences between people. religious. political. social. sexual. racial. ethnic. and endless aspects. where they may differ. It is for this reason that when accessing the page (previously configured in your account). you can do so through the HTTPS protocol. used mainly for sending data.

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This security mechanism is commonly used by banking entities. and will ensure that you only receive direct messages from whomever you decide. You can report a received direct message. or any action within the web that disturbs your stay there. Before accepting a new request from a new follower you can visit their bio. There you will find personalized information about the account holder. and you will be able to verify if this person is to your liking to avoid unpleasant experiences.

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This is another feature of Twitter. Which has been developed so that you can trust this site and peacefully share content. Information or opinions. always keeping in mind that others know you as far as you allow it. Always remember that your safety depends only on you. Twitter is a social network that has been reinventing itself day by day. And you can only get to know it and enjoy it by creating your own experience. Don’t let someone else tell you about it. enter now and rediscover it.


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