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The time when you could separate SEO from  content marketing and online Chile Phone Number marketing is long gone. In other words, you are not only exposing your competitors’ SEO strategy, but an important part of their online  marketing strategy, or at least their content strategy. Keyword analysis of the  competition In the image above, for example, we see that Microsoft is not yet making a dent in the field of ERP-related keywords. But doesn’t Microsoft have Dynamics NAV (formerly Chile Phone Number Navision)?

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They themselves characterize this as an ERP  solution. Then why do they bChile Phone Number arely rank for it? Are they pointing their content arrows elsewhere? Because with a domain authority of 96/100 , they have more than enough  clout to rank, if they have the right content. I have not delved further into this case, but if I were called SAP or Oracle, I would like to know what Chile Phone Number Microsoft is focusing on. A keyword  analysis like this one therefore mainly offers entrances to dive deeper into the content strategy of your competitors. Why do they rank Chile Phone Number or not for certain keywords? And what does this say about their content strategy?

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How do they meet the needs of the target  audience? Very interesting if Chile Phone Number ask me! What reasons am I still missing? As you get from my story, I believe that keyword research provides insights that go far beyond SEO  and SEA. These insights offer opportunities that I Chile Phone Number wouldn’t want to pass up. I hope I was able to excite some of you with this article, but I’m also curious what you think about this topic. Have  I possibly missed reasons? I Chile Phone Number look forward to your responses

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