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In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at how it works, and help you transform social media from something time-consuming with little return to something you can invest in and scale because it yields results. get ready? Luck and Play to Win in Social Media Lead Generation. Why posting content alone doesn’t work. The problem with posting alone is that this will never get you a ton of leads. According to statistics we got using Quuu, a company that syndicates a lot of content for use in your social media feeds, the average post on social media only generates 1-2 website hits. Now, if you do the math, that means you could potentially get hundreds of visitors to your website every month through what you post on social media.

Instead, Turn Your Social Media Efforts Into a Repeatable

That’s if you keep posting and getting your employees involved to Retweet and publish your content, plus earn others in the market to share your content too. The bottom line is — an extra few hundred site visitors a month are unlikely to generate any leads. So if your social media efforts are all focused on posting, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see any leads or results. Instead, turn your social media efforts into a repeatable process. The most successful companies prioritize how to Algeria Phone Number List grow their social media audience (with a focus on their ideal prospects), then how to gain the audience’s trust by consistently demonstrating their industry expertise through the content they publish; and finally.

Position Yourself as a Trusted Expert We Focused on Growth

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Trying to figure out how they can consistently Part of that audience translates into more tangible business leads. If you do, then you should know that your audience grows by 500 ideal leads every quarter. Then after gaining their trust and using proven strategies to convert them. You know say 10% of your new audience will convert into tangible leads. So your social media brings 50 real leads to your business every quarter. In high-value businesses such as professional services, there is a huge leap in leads and inquiries for any SMB.

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