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An influencer can change the course of a Digital Marketing campaign. You have to pay attention to the advantages that this type of promotion offers. Since it has the potential to position a company in the digital world more than you imagine. Instagram Strategies and Influencer Marketing. The perfect combination First of all. What is meant by influential personality? They are those whose voices are heard by thousands of followers who form. A loyal fan base attentive to everything that said character is capable of expressing.

It can be someone related to the world of marketing, fashion, entertainment, culture or any other field. Speaking specifically of Instagram, the number of followers will determine this status. That is, when someone reaches 1,000 Bahrain whatsapp number list followers, they are already considered remarkable. From here it can reach 10 thousand, 100 thousand or even more than 1 million.

Influencer Marketing

This is where the first part of the plan comes into play. It is necessary to take into account that according to their ranking. Each influencer will raise the cost of promotion in their respective account. According to the data provided by Convince and Convert . The average price that each of them sets is as follows.  $124 dollars for each publication. -75 thousand to 100 thousand followers. $258 dollars each. -1 million followers: $1,400 dollars each.

Bahrain whatsapp number list

Once the cost to be disbursed has been determined. We move on to the next point. strategies for instagram. Finding the best influencers for your social media strategy. Since the variety of personalities grows more and more. A research work is needed that includes the following aspects. Comparison of costs. Even when an important personality can help your campaign. You must avoid paying an excessive price for the service provided.

Strategies For Instagram

Locate influencers related to your brand. To do this, you must carry out a hashtag investigation in order to find those personalities. Who are doing promotional work on topics related to your offer. Are there influencers who are already supporting your work in some way? Probably some of them have already done some unpaid promotional. Work recommending an article or service from your company. In this case it will be much easier to approach. Them to create a more lasting working relationship.

Define your goals clearly According to your specific plan you will have to find the right personality: -Product reviews: Perhaps in your strategy it is important that influencers recommend your offer after trying it, for which you should give away a sample of it. -Branded content: That is, content created in collaboration with the influencer you have chosen, with the main objective of obtaining followers and potential customers thanks to the exposure and promotion of the brand as a whole.

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