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For example, you can now import audio fragments yourself to use when creating Reels, so that you are no longer tied to the music library within Instagram. Kazakhstan Phone Number And with Sound Sync you can synchronize your video with the audio clip you have chosen. This ensures that the transitions in your video fit well with Kazakhstan Phone Number the chosen music. Because takes the tinkering off your hands, it becomes even easier to make a good looking reel. Using Templates Talk about convenience. Also new is the ‘Use template’ option at Reels. If you ever watch Reels, you may have already Kazakhstan Phone Number spotted this feature. It is occasionally in the place where you can also find the effect used for a Reel, in the bottom left of the video.

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The feature is not available with every video, but if it is available, a Kazakhstan Phone Number child can do the laundry. Click on the ‘Use Template’ button and in the next screen replace the clips with your own footage. Instagram then assembles it in Kazakhstan Phone Number sequence with the correct timing and your Reel is ready! Using Template for Instagram Reels All in all, the new Reels functionalities are flying around you. Reels is therefore becoming increasingly dominant within Instagram. For example, Kazakhstan Phone Number Meta recently announced that 20% of the time users are on the platform is now spent on the short-form videos. If you’re not already using the feature, it might be a good move to pour your content into such short, engaging videos to grab the attention of your target audience.

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Today for the first time in my life a blog that is not just about the labor market and recruitment. A blog with no morals whatsoever. But the reason for this blog was born in the build-up of a guerilla recruitment campaign. I regularly speak and write about guerilla recruitment marketing At the beginning of this year I gave a kick-ass talk at a well-known recruitment event. It was about one of my favorite topics (guerilla recruitment marketing). And it’s great that you have an opinion about the house style of my sheets (see below). #adultmenmaybestcommunicatewithunicornsandrainbows and indeed about your opinion? don’t call me! My 8 year old daughter thought this was my best presentation EVER!

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