Professional Magician and Mentalist

For Gijs, making videos seems to be the best medium. Why? Because those step-by-step videos are really something on YouTube where “How to” is really big. Once you’ve figured out what medium you’ll be working on, it’s a matter of doing it. If Gijs chooses to tell about transforming furniture on video, he has to get to work. Arrange a camera, an editor, at work. Just record videos and try to organize as many viewers as possible. Step 3. Promote (plus the newsletter) In content marketing – I’m just passing on what I know about the great Joe Pulizzi – it’s all about one thing: building an audience. You build an audience with your free stories and start selling your stuff to a part of that audience. The men of formerly Veronica Inside have a few hundred thousand viewers and sell underwear and dressing gowns to their real fans. So once you start making videos, starting a podcast, or writing blogs, you need to get people to read, listen, or watch those things.

Magician And Mentalist

You used to place an ad in the newspaper to point out to people that you were doing something fun, but now you can do that just fine via social media. You should use that to make a little noise around what you have to say. It is important that you think about where your audience is potentially located. Where do you Nigeria Phone Number get the most people from? Gijs, for example, has traditionally had a large audience on Facebook and Instagram, so he has to promote his videos a bit there. Just telling a nice story about something ‘behind the scenes’ with some nice pictures. It is important to involve the audience: ask them to think about your videos or podcasts. And the most important thing is that you keep an eye on your central thought. Never forget what you are going to bring the people.


And Mentalist Medium

It is also wise, by the way, for whichever medium and which way of boosting you choose, that you always combine it with making a newsletter. You can build such a huge audience on YouTube, Instagram or podcasts, you’re still dependent on the whims of the big platform guys who don’t have the same interests as you. So immediately after the start of your weekly podcast, video or daily blog, get started with newsletters and make sure that you keep a central idea. You bring something to the people, you must not forget that. Also in the newsletter. Woman in flower shop working on content marketing on laptop. Step 4. Sell stuff Once you’ve chosen a medium and you’re building a bit of an audience with your podcast, blogs or videos, you need to make the connection with the stuff you have to sell. Please note: building an audience takes time and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

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