Product Strategy Map (8): 18 Elements and 6 Processes of Strategic Planning

The mission of the entrepreneur is to continuously improve certainty through systematic assumptions and rapid verification and iteration until it becomes a high probability.

Unfortunately, there is no such measurement and calculation during the entrepreneurial period, so that the “dangerous period” has not been passed. Now let’s recalculate strategic planning together: goals (everything to get to the end), elements (18 elements) and process (6 steps).

All in order to reach the end

The end point is the top of the mountain that can be reached after a certain route.

The top of the product strategy has three dimensions: market, value and capability, and business. The end point is a common customer demand and a stable vested market.

It can be very large or very small. It is as big as Alipay of Internet finance, and it is as small as a type of restaurant on a street. Be clear about who they are, where they are, and what they want.

The finish line is a deep pool of value and a solid dam of capacity.

Build a thick pool of value around our customers, around a solid capacity dam that creates value.

The end point is a viable and even superior business position.

Customer-centric, market-oriented, positioning an effective competitive landscape and business model.

The end point is the end point of the multidimensional. Microscopically, the end point is one thing (customers, capabilities, and business) with Afghanistan Phone Number limited boundaries. From a macro perspective, the end point is the continuum of countless things, and it is an infinite boundary.

 Selection and judgment

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What kind of customers and needs to choose, what kind of value and capability to choose, what kind of competitive position and business model to choose, need continuous measurement and judgment.

For example, the purchasing power and scale of customers, the complexity and degree of demand, the height and difference of value, the thickness and growth of capability, the advantage and advantage of competitive position, the profitability and sustainability of business model……

Customers, capabilities, business, the trinity.

Every endpoint is also a midpoint.

Start planning from the starting point, the closer the midpoint, the more certainty; the farther the midpoint, the more uncertainty.

Cause and effect are transformed into each other, 1 is the premise of 2, so 1000 is more uncertain than 100, and it is necessary to constantly correct the midpoint behind.

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