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But the average small entrepreneur or freelancer can’t do much with that. The photographer, furniture maker, cook or entrepreneur coach does not have the ambition to collect all kinds of trendy awards for his brilliant formats at the end of the year. He or she simply wants to build up a customer base in a fun, accessible way, so that he or she can continue for years to come. That’s why I’ve read all those complicated books, listened to podcasts and talked to experts for you and turned it into a method. Anyone can do it! It is even so clear that the base fits perfectly on a beer mat. Rick Pastoor’s bestseller is called Grip and that is what he will offer you: grip on the demands of busy daily life. He has developed a method that provides peace of mind for all people with demanding jobs.

Precaution And Only When I Edit

Such a term is ideal, because you know almost immediately what it is about. What would my good friend Gijs, who makes new furniture from old furniture, bring if he starts teaching people how to make furniture? He teaches everyone how fun and relaxed it is to turn something old into something new. And myself? I’m going to teach freelancers, artists and other entrepreneurs how to build a Namibia Phone Number customer base with some simple content marketing principles. For that reason I also wrote my book Your content plan on a beer mat (affiliate) . 4 elements to determine what you bring Okay, that all sounds good, but a little depth to come to that choice helps. It helps that you pick out 4 elements before you can determine what you bring in a sentence.


And Only When I Edit

No, don’t make it all that difficult. Rick Pastoor would get there right? I’ll take you through what my good friend Gijs should do. Specialization (making new furniture from old and talking about it), objective and target group (teaching everyone in the Netherlands how to make beautiful furniture), purpose (teaching people that making something is very soothing) and competition (boring step-by-step plans on YouTube of construction chains). If you have filled an A4 page with this, it will be a breeze. Also read: 6x inspiration for augmented reality in e-commerce The challenge is then to make one sentence from those 4 elements. That is what you will bring to the people, that is what you know and what your target group would like to know.

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