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The size of the offer from Dutch sales partners In addition to the categories, it is also interesting to look at the size of the Dutch sales partner’s offer. Do you necessarily need a large offer? Among the Dutch sales partners, there are only 38 partners (1.8%) who offer more than 10,000 products on Most partners (40%) offer less than 10 products. Because so many sales partners have a small to medium range, we can assume that you do not necessarily need a large offer to be successful on Product reviews, along with a number of other factors, help to rank higher in Amazon search results. This is not discussed in the research, but this is noticeable in practice. Reviews about sales partners also help in your reliability towards the consumer and Amazon.

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It is noticeable that there are very few Dutch partners who obtain reviews. 73.7% have not received any reviews about their company. The partners who did manage to obtain a sales partner review are generally very positively assessed. Of the Dutch partners who have a review, 52.8% receive a South Africa Phone Number average of 5 stars (very good). This indicates that consumers are generally satisfied with the Dutch sales partners when they have bought something. After all, you can only leave a review if you have actually bought something. Also read: How to establish your brand on Amazon Europe [6 useful tips] Because reviews are so important to gain trust, it is important to focus more on collecting reviews about the company. If we look at how few sales partners do have a review, we can say that this can be worked on.


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Do you use FBA or ship it yourself? There is a lot of speculation about the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) shipping method. It was investigated whether many Dutch partners use FBA as a shipping method. The research shows that 14.5% use FBA and 77.6% arrange the shipment themselves. That’s a hefty percentage who rely on their own shipping method. And that while there are still quite a few advantages to FBA. Further analysis of a small selection of products shows that 56% of products, where a sales partner has the Buy Box, are shipped via Amazon. This is only a small majority. So there are also plenty of sales partners who arrange the shipment themselves and who win the Buy Box. So you can also easily arrange the shipment yourself. If you still want to use FBA, there are also many advantages.

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