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To find out whether sharing content also applies to other emotions, Holiday’s study looked at the emotion of sadness. A score was assigned to each article based on how much distress it evoked. If an emotion reinforced sharing, then sadness (like awe) should also increase sharing. But it didn’t. In fact, sadness has the opposite effect; sad Panama Phone Number articles were 16% less likely to be shared. The emotion of sadness therefore made people less inclined to share. Then you may wonder: what’s the difference? Why do some emotions encourage sharing and others don’t? The most obvious difference is positivity. One emotion is positive and the other negative. Can positive emotions increase sharing, but decrease negative emotions?

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To make sure that negative emotions reduce sharing, the emotions of anger and fear were also examined. It found that articles that evoked anger and fear were more likely to be shared. So the opposite was true. That discovery shows that Panama Phone Number something will go viral is a little more complicated than the positive or negative factor. But what? Okay, so emotions can be labeled as positive or negative, but there is a second dimension. Namely: activation and arousal. Arousal is a state of Panama Phone Number readiness for action. The heart beats faster and blood pressure rises. Some emotions, such as anger and fear, generate a lot of excitement. When we’re angry, we scream. If we are afraid, for example that there will be a break-in, we keep checking the locks.

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Positive emotions can also cause excitement. The same goes for awe. This emotion drives us into action that makes us eager to tell others what we Panama Phone Number. And that’s why we hit that share button. Other emotions, however, have the opposite effect: they prevent us from taking any action. That is exactly what happens with the emotion of sadness. When satisfied, exactly the same happens. When people are satisfied, they relax. They are happy, but don’t really feel the need to take action.

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