Positive Reviews Are Important

Keep in mind that there is a lot of offer in a number of categories and there is therefore a lot of competition. It is even more important there to offer a unique product. The size of the offer has no influence on the sales strategy. There are many suppliers with a small to medium range on Amazon.nl. We are curious: do you, as a sales partner, already apply the above advice? What are your experiences on Amazon.nl and are there other factors whose impact you would also like to see investigated?Believe it or not, a bad employee experience can have a much more serious impact on your organization than just a few grumpy ex-employees leaving a bad review.

Reviews Are Important

The financial consequences can be enormous. This is evident from a tour of various HR and L&D experts, who shed their light on the challenges of 2022. As I said, the financial ramifications can be Taiwan Phone Number huge if you fail to provide an excellent digital employee experience. These are the no-brainers for me: Profit: Disgruntled employees are less engaged and therefore less productive. Turnover: people give priority to a good work experience, they will quit a job in which they are unhappy. Retention: uninvolved employees lead to dissatisfied customers, who will look elsewhere. Especially when it comes to their digital experiences.


Are Important Experiences

Following the massive move to remote and hybrid work. Digital tools have largely replaced the physical office. Digitizing the employee experience and work environment. What does this mean? I’ve said this before: if you want to stay competitive and successful in 2022. Leaders must prioritize a great digital employee experience ( Digital Employee Experience ). Easier said than done. As Gartner’s recent 2022 forecasts show , while many organizations have implemented technology components of a digital workplace framework, few have improved the employee experience or developed digital skills. Portraits of experts who speak about digital employee experience Failure to provide an excellent digital employee experience leads to an annoying domino effect.

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