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can relate to when creating content. It is something that is thought out at the delivery stage. But there are some relatively important dynamics that marketers must pay attention to in order to optimize their digital content holistically. The first is the opportunity to capitalize on the ‘micro’ moments of engagement in 10-20 second video clips. The second is a two-part trend: the value of mobile browser content and the resulting “dark social” space, i.e. referrer information about sources often forgotten in campaign planning. is a social share that does not contain Micro video clips attract users who lack time and interest As Dr. James

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firm Forrester claimed more than a decade ago, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Whether or not you agree with the math he used to arrive at this President Email Address particular number, there’s no arguing how effective short videos are in educating audiences. By shortening videos to the most important or inspirational 10-20 seconds of content, marketers can quickly capture the attention of their audience and drive email acquisition, social media following, sharing and sales. can cause it to take the desired action. video player Error loading this resource These micro-videos are highly effective because of

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entertain people within a condensed time frame. This is perhaps most noticeable in match highlight videos. Sports fans turn to video content to relive important moments over and over again, catching up on the action they’ve missed, on demand. A favorite of sports fans digitally, Bleacher Report , a websiteop SEO Tools: Does It Really Dominate Its Alternatives? Posted: 2020-12-01 Are you struggling to choose your suitable SEO tool? I am happy to help you. Let me tackle an in-depth comparison article here: SEO PowerSuite vs Best SEO Tools. As online marketers, we invest a lot of effort and time in

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