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As a bridge connecting design and development, interaction design draft. Plays an important role in product design. For development, what r is undertaken is the integrity of logic. For design, what we undertake is the superiority of experience.

The footholds of demand Belgium Phone Number. As well as, user research, competitive product analysis and. Data analysis all need a complete interaction design document to achieve. How to achieve a complete interaction design document. As well as can. Divide it into four steps: step 1: identify good design criteria to make a good design, you must first. As well as what a good design looks like.

As a Bridge

Therefore, playing more good products will help us improve our design standards. As well as details , please. Refer to ” social product methodology (2): the right posture to experience a product “. If we extract Belgium Phone Number the. Standards of excellent interaction design, we can divide them into two standards: “usability” and “innovation”.

For the “usability” standard, we can refer to the lemes principles proposed by luke. As well as in “use r experience methodology”, namely: learnability efficiency memorability .errors satisfaction for the “innovative” standard, we can refer to the ” 4 integration + 1 attention ” mentioned. In the article ” social product methodology (4):

Experience a

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The logic behind demand design “: integrate the advantages of competing products integrate Belgium Phone Number popular features integrate multiple operational steps. Integrate multiple user groups attention to detail clarifying the criteria for good design can help us to find and fill vacancies and secondly, it can help us establish long-

term aspirations and work hard. Moreover our goals. Step 2: sort out the functional logic after clarifying the requirements, some people may immediately start working on the output of the interactive draft. Moreover often leads to many logical loopholes in the. Interactive draft. A more appropriate approach is: sort out business flow charts; identify all scenarios in which the need arises; identify the core experience. Sorting out the business. As well as chart can help us stand in the development point of view and determine the

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