With Patience and Solid Seo Practice

Now, this is just a quick screenshot of all of their keywords, what we’re seeing on the subject here, as Paycom has hundreds of thousands of visitors to their site every month. What are we seeing here?  That means unless you don’t already know who Paycom is, you’ll have a hard time finding them in organic search, and when we look at their blog content, we see similar stories, they’ve created 683 blog posts in On their site, we only have a few thousand visitors a month to show it, and like Michael said, that’s the worst. 0:09:11.7 Michael Johnson: We don’t want to be in a situation where they create 60,083 titles that don’t get any traffic, she’s so good, and then stop and take a step back. Let’s find out where we went wrong and how we can fix it.

Patience And Solid Seo Practice

So when you find that your content isn’t driving you traffic, the first thing I recommend doing is, do you use keyword research to find an example of a brand in your space that is driving a lot of traffic. What I’ve done here is use the advanced filters in MOZ to filter by blog traffic to the site, and you’ll see they have a rival Patriot software, I just had to find them. We just entered HR payroll software. They’re also on the first page, and they get 100 Oman Phone Number times more traffic from their blog content than paycom.com,  So, from there, what I like to do is create an export of the SCM Rush data and put them into Excel and then filter the site by page, and below that.


And Solid Seo Practice

Michael Johnson: So what are we seeing here? Is there any question about who’s the bigger brand, you look at Paycom, people are searching for Paycom like crazy because people probably know who Paycom is, in general, but who’s winning in search, who’s bringing the most traffic, he’s going to They introduce themselves, no doubt, that the new audience is Patriot Software. There are a lot of people who are starting to get to know them because they’re just creating content to answer the simple questions HR professionals ask every day about payroll, payroll, and all these very basic questions that they’re answering and they’re introducing them to new people s brand. So what should Paycom do?

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