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If you search for something with any kind of commercial intent, you are going to see paid search ads. In fact, many mobile searches now only show paid search ads above the fold, giving them a level of screen real estate that bio never could.

Many businesses have had their digital fingers burned with PPC, but there’s a big opportunity here when done right. Google knows where users are when they search on their smartphones, and you can target Search Network ads within a one-mile radius of your store. You can bid aggressively because you know these users are close and looking.

Google AdWords also offers a range of ad extensions to display local business information, such as your location and phone number. From this information, a user can quickly and easily get directions or call you.

By creating search ads that serve within a narrow geographic radius and only to “on-the-go” users on smartphones, you can quickly and easily engage potential customers when they’re ready to buy. This allows you to help your potential customers achieve their goals and maintain laser-focused targeting to ensure you maintain a high ROI.

6. Display Network Ads

In conjunction with our Search Network ads, Germany Mobile Number we may also use image ads through the Google Display Network. Again, you can use demographic and location targeting options. You can also build lists of previous site visitors into remarketing lists to stay in front of users after a first visit.

We find that Display Network ads work well when they’re part of a clearly defined sales funnel and the role is clearly defined – whether it’s educating potential customers about what you offer or to help them convince them that it really is the right gift (or the right place). eat and drink).

Display ads are a simple and affordable way to expand your reach. Done right, they can be very effective in growing your audience, building awareness, and helping convince a potential customer that your store or product is the right choice for them.

7. Click and collect

Germany Mobile Number

Click and Collect, in which users purchase or reserve an item online and then collect it in person, was a huge trend over Christmas 2013 and 2014. We can only imagine it will continue to grow this year as it is pushed by all the major retail players. In fact, major retailer John Lewis had more click-and-collect orders than home delivery orders in 2014. Click-and-collect comes in handy for time-constrained Christmas shoppers.

The sudden growth of click and collect has caused problems for big players, with Tesco and Marks & Spencer failing to keep up with demand. Everything from failed in-store deliveries to excessive wait times have taken some of the shine out of click and collect, so if you do (and you should), do it right.

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