Overview of the New Features Brought by This Major Update

Cloudways released Breeze v1.2 with a focus on improving your Core Web Vitals compatibility.  Ultimately a better PageSpeed ​​Insights score for your websites. If you still haven’t heard, Google will be rolling out its new Page Experience update this month. We recently launched a free Google Page Experience Checker to help you measure your site’s performance. Other page experience factors against the update. In fact, since the start of 2021, we’ve been heavily focused on improving our product and rolling out updates that provide the best Google Page experience. Before updating Breeze to the latest version,

Cross-origin safe links

Do not add them in the WordPress editor because the editor adds no opener no-referrer automatically; add the links in your theme files. After adding the links, go back to wp-admin and save the Breeze settings or purge the cache. Font stays visible while loading Fonts load when you visit a site and text is not visible during load time. To improve Austria WhatsApp Number List the user experience, you should use a technique that displays your text content (fallback font) while your font is downloading (font load time). Breeze now has a new feature that will help you do just that.

Font stays visible while loading


This feature will be visible when you check CSS minification and only works for CSS minification and CSS group options. To add the font-display: swap attribute to CSS classes, we need to modify the content. however, it is strongly recommended that you backup your entire WordPress site or test the new version on a staging environment. Incompatibility of newer versions with other plugins can sometimes cause random glitches and errors, so if you have a backup ready, you can quickly restore your WordPress site.

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