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data for you against the entered URL. Similarly, the Ahrefs Site Explorer tool can help understand the full link profile of any domain URL. Log in to your Ahrefs account and click on the ‘Site Explorer’ tab. Feed the URL with which you need to gather backlinks to identify bad backlinks. Ahrefs Backlink Profile Alternatively, you use the SEMRush tool to collect the entire backlinks the website has till date. The tool can provide you with more detailed details about types of backlinks, percentage of dofollow and nofollow links, anchors, etc. The tool also allows you to get competing domains that have a similar backlink profile to yours.

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PowerSuite tool. Now you will have about 2 or 3 backlink reports from different sources. The one you had pulled from Google Search Console has no metrics to Finance Directors Email Lists analyze the link value. If you have very few links, analyze them one by one manually and delete it. Otherwise, if your domain has thousands of backlinks, it is highly impossible to do it manually. You can also compare the link value on the different factors that these tools can fetch for each backlink. By which,you can decide the good ones and the bad ones; who is better to leave and who is worse to eliminate. In such cases, you can sort the links within the tool (Ahrefs or SEMRush) based on various Domain Type Domain Authority link metrics, number

of OBL’s, TLDs, text anchor, etc

Finance Directors Email Lists

On top of all this, you will need to collect additional information about the linking domain to filter out good or bad backlinks. How to determine if a link is good or bad? Links are one of the crucial factors that can positively or negatively impact your search visibility. Of course, we know that good links can improve your search performance. On the other hand, bad links can harm your site. How to identify these harmful backlinks from this massive list? Differentiate these bad links if they fit one of the

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