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When you introduce yourself to a (new) business relationship, Albania Phone Number you both often say your name and title. While there is a very good chance that you could mean a lot more to each other if you knew more about each other. So why not share some moreAlbania Phone Number  relevant info? You can then give the other party a greater chance of finding a parenthesis. An example: “I am Kim, a marketing advisor at a tech company in Veenendaal and a freelance copywriter and I am now working on a book about marketing in healthcare.” It’s much more likely now that someone will say, “Gosh, is healthcare Albania Phone Number interested? I worked at a hospital in Utrecht three years ago and I still have a lot of contact with.

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The other tip from Christian Busch that I hit on was ‘project funeral’. When something goes wrong, we often don’t share it with the world, but we want to quickly forget it. But, what if you make a moment of it and take a moment to reflect on the lessons you have learned, then that can just offer very nice opportunities. Busch cites an example from a washing machine manufacturer. The company received many complaints from farmers whose washing machine kept breaking down. What turned out? The farmers also washed their potatoes in the machine. potatoes? Then, as a manufacturer, you could of course tell these farmers that they should leave the beepers out of the drum from now on because washing machines are only intended for clothing.

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But this company saw an opportunity in this unexpected insight. Apparently there was a specific need among farmers. In short, we cannot ignore the latest tech developments, so anyone who is smart will learn lessons from practice and use them in the right place. NFTs, algorithms, they are going to play an increasingly important role in the lives of all of us and the way companies act. As long as you remain aware that the digital first world requires and actively anticipates different routines, I sincerely believe that tech can make our lives easier, and ourselves more productive and creative. The Next Web is an annual conference with a focus on the latest technology and start-ups.

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