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SEMRush-Backlink Profile Note: In the second half of this article, we will cover how to identify and remove badscenarios below – One that comes from low quality websites that are only set up for SEO links. Links mentioned in bad comments from spam sites. Backlinks with over-optimized anchor texts with exact keywords. Irrelevant links that are placed in bad duplicate and thin content pages. Abnormally constructed into a page surrounded by an irrelevant piece of text. Bad links are sometimes your unlinked side and footer links. One that points to you from websites with low domain authority. Links generated from a domain

penalized for any reason. PS: Almost all

popular SEO tools will provide you with various SEO metrics. With it, compare, rate and filter out bad backlinks – the factors like DA, TLD, number of outbound Accounting Directors Email Lists links, anchor text, etc. Also, there is another classification in backlinks – earned or built backlinks. Google considers earned backlinks to be higher than created backlinks. Only good content can generate more quality backlinks, obviously. Well, let’s start by rooting out the handpicked toxic bad links. How to remove bad backlinks? Effective Backlink Removal Ideas Backlink removal is somehow tedious and difficult. You can

disavow all backlinks, but you

Accounting Directors Email Lists

cannot delete them. Are you confused with these terms delete and disavow? Disavow should be the last option because by disavowing you are telling Google that the particular link poses a threat to your website. This is a serious escalation. Don’t go to that extent initially. Removing the link is nothing but a request to the webmaster to remove the link for certain reasons. You will need to try to remove bad backlinks professionally first. Here are the few tips to follow while removing the link – Be polite in sending your link removal request to all webmasters. Remember to shoot personalized emails using specific email templates. Provide detailed information about the link you wanted

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