Nomada: a typography in motion

The graphic designer jordi embodas launches a typographic After that, family and explains its characteristics fonts are part of our daily lives and adapt to our lifestyle in multiple media, always evolving. This is how jordi embodass tipografies studio wanted to convey it , with a special and different After that, presentation in video format, made by pràctica design, in which they introduce nomada , a typeface that has five families and eighteen styles each, adding up to 90 fonts.

Nomada explores the concept of fonts that are in continuous movement , sometimes in print, in books, catalogues, on posters or packaging at other times, projected on small and large screens. In the video we can see this journey through several of the families and how they are adapting to the environment.


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The same dna for five unique After that, styles the typographic image manipulation service collection is conceived as a journey through the five families sans, serif, slab, incise and didone maintaining its key elements without giving up its uniqueness. In the words of jordi embodas I added a journey through the main typographic classifications, first between sans, serif and slab, which would be the three main areas.

And, finally, to make a more powerful product, I expanded to incise and didone, which are more specific or minority classifications. From this journey between classifications, I focused on assimilation, on how the same dna develops differently in different environments or areas.

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Nomada a typography in motion 3 a typography BWB Directory focused on use nomada has been created with the aim of avoiding details or complex shapes and based on the concept of comfort. Each of the five families contains 18 different styles, combining nine weights from extrafine to extracoarse, with their corresponding italics. After that, All the typographic families present a simple, clear, fresh and human drawing. With open curves and generous whites.

Nomada a typeface in motion 5 nomada a typeface in motion 6 nomada a typeface in motion. 7 nomada a typeface in motion 8 nomada a typography in motion 9 jordi embodas. Highlights about this typography that the families are very broad in terms of very extreme thicknesses , which is common in sans but not so much in didonas, slabserif. Or incised, in which there are some quite unusual styles. Well, find the typography on its website, tipografies.  Of a typeface, wete can help you with its classy types course.

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