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Instagram offers inspiration for designers. photographers. and artists. These 12 pioneers are perfect examples of how to translate ideas into images and materials with different objectives. In some cases. his work has been used by famous companies to generate significant sales. On the other hand. some of them simply want to share their talent with the world. Related terms: Definition: Digital Marketing SHARE: Instagram is changing the way personalities and influencers in general relate to brands and the public.

since companies know that this network is an ideal platform for social commerce. SHARE: The new Netherlands whatsapp number list program they have implemented called “Paid Partnership” has specific characteristics that it is necessary to know in order to understand its scope. How will it affect sponsored content? Provides greater transparency in all senses Basically this new system consists of tagging influencers in a given post. If celebrity “A” is collaborating on a campaign with company “B” to promote a new TV screen.

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luxury watch. car or travel services then they will need to add their partner to appear in the content. This will have important repercussions and the main one will be greater transparency in commercial relations. with the consequent trust that the public will deposit in the respective brands. Each user will know exactly when it is a sponsored link. whether it is paid monetarily or with some other type of commercial exchange. Without a doubt. the rest of the social networks will want to follow this example. Example: The singer Rihanna will sponsor a new handbag from the brand Givenchy.

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By linking the image where she is seen wearing this product. the label of the mentioned company will appear at the top. just so that it is recognizable at first glance. This will also help to comply with the rules of the FTC. who have recently had to send letters to several influencers because their advertising links do not comply with the established regulations. Paid Partnership on Instagram Instant data tracking One of the most attractive functions of the Paid Partnership program is that both.

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the brand and the influencer. Will be able to have access to the data of their campaigns to know their. Performance at all times. The results that these metrics yield will help them. To know which products. images and content in general are the ones that achieve. The highest degree of interest and which ones need adjustments so that they yield a better result. Likewise. access to this data sends a powerful message from Instagram. This network is taking its work as an e-commerce.

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