The Netherlands Was Conducted

According to the Austrian privacy watchdog DSB, Google Analytics is in violation of the GDPR and European regulations on data flows. The verdict: Europe must ban Google Analytics. More and more European countries are considering a ban, while the pressure on Google to adapt is mounting. That is to say: to become compliant with the GDPR. Their revenue model, on the other hand, will probably never give up. Google’s gold mine: data harvesting One common thread connects the lion’s share of Google’s services: data harvesting .

Netherlands Was Conducted

Google Drive, Gmail and – you guessed it – Google Analytics have the sole purpose of collecting as much data from you and me as possible. A company that uses Google’s services makes all of its data available to Google. Google passes this data on to its two advertising arms, Adwords and Adsense, where advertisers buy them up en masse to serve you a hyper-personalized range of ads based on your online Kenya Phone Number behavior and interests. Data vacuum cleaner. Mi data es su data Over the years. Companies do not pay Google in euros or dollars, but with the valuable data of their customers. It is high time that companies wondered whether it is still responsible to just throw the surfing behavior of their customers into the lap of Google.


Was Conducted Differently

Google Analytics, what else? Google Analytics is far from the only web analytics provider on the market. Many alternatives exist today: Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Woopra, Amplitude, but also open-source services such as Piwik or Matomo. Companies are also increasingly turning to custom setup solutions. They build their own system in the cloud to retain full ownership: the solution to prevent Google from hijacking your data several tens of thousands of kilometers away, and a choice that we can only applaud.

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