How to Buy a Domain Name and Create a Website

There are several steps to follow when you are ready to create a website and market your brand or product. However, one of the very first things you need to do is register a domain name. Right after choosing a web host, you will have to make this choice. There can’t be a website if you don’t have a domain name. There are thousands of domain names to choose from, to get the domain you want you to need to search and see if it is available. Different domain name extensions can be used. What you choose will be entirely up to you and how you want to represent your brand. What is a domain name? A domain name is a series of letters and numbers that refer to a numerical IP address, used to access a website.

Obtain a Domain Name With Greengeeks

Every time visitors log into your website, they have to enter the domain name, one way or another. This is often called a URL, but it’s not quite correct. Although the two are quite similar, a URL leads to a specific page or post on that domain name. for example, imagine a Google search for dogs. The domain name is, it’s clear and easy to type, but if you search for dogs, you can see that the URL becomes an incredibly long string of Canada WhatsApp Number characters and numbers. This is the URL. How to buy a website domain name Luckily, if you sign up for a hosting account with GreenGeeks, you get a free domain name.

How to Buy a Website Domain Name

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We also offer the purchase of website domains in your account. This means that buying domain names is possible at any time, directly from your GreenGeeks account. Prices vary depending on the extension you choose and the number of years you register the domain. Since GreenGeeks acts as a domain registrar, getting your free domain name or purchasing a domain name from us is simple and easy. Of course, this is only one way to go about a domain name, it is also possible to buy one directly from another person.

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