my duty seems to be responsible

This article published with authorization of. The world citizen cultural center , please do not reprint without permission further. Reading how to express recognition Paraguay Phone Number and agreement in english in the workplace? Various uses of “consent” commonly mistaken use of put: “put it there” is not to put. Things there commonly mistaken driver usage: sunday driver is not a sunday driver. And daily driver is not a person who drives every day commonly mistaken usage of duty. It’s my duty seems to be responsible but is actually embarrassing responsible editor. Wen weixuan review editor: weng shihang according to a comprehensive report by the. United nations children’s fund (unicef) and the international labour organization (ilo). There have been 8.4 million more child laborers worldwide in the past four years. Reaching 160 million people.

In el salvador

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Two-thirds of child laborers live in rural areas, mainly working as farmers or hired labor, and 55 percent of the children are from poor families. W105-0045-008 photo credit: taiwan world vision at just 11  years old, geovanni’s small hands are covered with scars from careless use of tools while farming, and his cheeks are sunburned from long-term farming work, but his eyes are still shining. “i started helping my grandfather in the corn field when i was 7 years old.

During the harvest

Season last year, i started to work in other people’s fields. Because my father likes to drink, the family only relies on my mother to sell groceries. I really hope to help the family make money together. With money, my family has food. My mother agreed to my request, as long as i didn’t drop out of school because of work.” on working days, giovanni got up at 5 in the morning, went out at 5:30, went to work at 6, worked in the fields until 12 noon, and then used the afternoon to go to school. After working half a day in this way, he can earn about $7, and he will take half of his salary to buy food and the other half to pay for tuition. I have only suffered a little injury, and i have never had a major accident.

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