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Earlier I wrote here about the five pitfalls that you encounter. 5 initiatives for hybrid working that you can get started with now As a communication professional, you can do a number of things in anticipation of organization-wide policy to facilitate hybrid working. Below I describe 5 initiatives, each of which is meaningful in its own right and Argentina Phone Number can also provide the impetus for a broader hybrid work strategy. Rubber ducks follow leader to illustrate leadership 1. Show leadership We start, how could it be otherwise, with leaders. According to AT&T’s recent Future of Work survey , there is a huge gap between leaders and their people when it comes to hybrid work: 86% of the latter group would like to work hybrid, while 64% of their leaders want everyone back in the office.

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Many communicators are close to leaders and can thus do missionary work. Show them that they can bond with their people from a distance too. Internal social channels, such as Yammer and Workplace , are especially suitable for this. Organize JAM, challenge or Ask-Me-Anything sessions with leaders. But make sure you are well prepared and coordinated. Help leaders periodically share what they’re up to ( Working Out Loud ) and highlight the good work of others ( Spotlighting ). Leaders in Argentina Phone Number leaders to engage with the entire organization. Finally, advertisements from the Brazilian marcom company MaxiMídia, made by Moma São Paulo (found on. The ads – in a Argentina Phone Number style – are intended to draw attention to MaxiMídia’s seminars on the possibilities of social media and online communication. Even for people who did not grow up in the 50s, it is a well-known style that generates a nostalgic feeling.

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A film in which children listen to songs from the 90s for the first time, a boy trying to figure out how an old telephone (with dial!), a viral image where you have to guess what a cassette tape and a pencil have in common … You regularly come across nostalgic content online that reminds people of their own childhood. Nostalgia marketing responds to trends from the past. It tries to get consumers to relive a certain moment or a certain period, writes Marle Reimert in her marketing . It allows you to create a positive brand association by linking it to previous, external experiences. In her article, 

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