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That’s very exciting, because it literally takes us further than ever, and that’s not just into space. Tech is also invading our lives, and even bodies. It often makes life easier, more productive and more creative, but it is important to keep an eye on the unhealthy sides. As humans, we have to find a balance when dealing with tech, Saudi Arabia Phone Number because before you know it, the algorithms will keep you glued to the screen non-stop. At The Next Web Conference 2022, I identified 5 tech trends and collected tools that help you maintain a healthy balance. NFTs are becoming Saudi Arabia Phone Number consumer goods Sandra Ro, CEO of Global Blockchain Business Council, says there will be very practical applications for NFTs. If this is an NFT, for example you can sell the last six months of your membership if you move further away.

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Or just don’t feel like it anymore. We’re not there yet. Not all parties are ready for it yet and it still has to be regulated by law. But that it will happen is Saudi Arabia Phone Number certain, says Ro. Concert ticket as nft Think of subscriptions, concert tickets, the rent of your house and access to the company where you work. In the future, things like this may turn into NFTs. You can already see in the business world that it is inevitable that NFTs will become consumer goods. There are many companies with a digital twin , such as shop windows of clothing stores where you can use NFTs. An NFT in that context is really nothing more than a unique identifier that you use to get into that metaworld.

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Tech without community is worthless The above is just one of the examples of how tech will play an increasingly important role in our lives. The only thing we should not forget is that without a community, all these developments will probably hardly get off the ground. Prashanth Chanrasekar, CEO of Stackoverflow, emphasizes this. Stackoverflow welcomes more than 100 million visitors per month to their website and every 14 seconds a new question is asked on that same website. Companies often underestimate the value of a community, but how do you build one as valuable as Stackoverflow’s? You do this by focusing on these five pillars: Focus on a shared identity Encourage and reward users Build your community together with your community.

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