How to Display the Mobile Version of Your WordPress Website

Mobile users make up 52.2% of all website traffic, and that number continues to grow. And yes, it is a majority. This means websites need to make sure the mobile version of their website is up to snuff. However, it can be difficult to view the mobile version of your website from a desktop computer. Fortunately, there are several ways to do this, and none of them are particularly difficult. Today I’m going to show you different methods to display the mobile version of your WordPress site. Why display the mobile version of your website? All major changes to the website are usually made from a desktop computer, which means that the changes you view may only be available from this vantage point.

Why Display the Mobile Version of Your Website

To see how the changes affect the mobile view, you need to actually watch this version of the website. For example, let’s say you add a new payment button to your website. Customers must click this button to make a purchase. However, what if the button isn’t sized correctly on your mobile site? That could mean it’s too small to type on a smartphone or so big it makes the pages look terrible. Simple mistakes like this can be avoided if you view a page in the mobile version. However, switching to the mobile view of your website is not easy for beginners, but these Cyprus Business Email List methods will show you how to do it. Method 1: WordPress Theme Customizer I’ll start with the built-in WordPress method.

Switching to the Mobile View of Your Website Is Not Easy for Beginners

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The WordPress theme customizer is a tool used to change the look of your theme and this, of course, includes the mobile version of your website. Thus, the tool can also be used to visualize this version. In the left admin panel, click on Appearance and select the Customize option. Personalize At the bottom left, click the mobile icon to view the mobile version on the desktop. Note: Depending on the theme you’re using, the view may look slightly different. However, the process should remain the same. mobile icon By doing so, you will see the mobile version. Mobile view If this is your first time using the theme customizer, don’t worry about the blue pencil icons. These are only visible to you and will not be seen by visitors.

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