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prioritize Benefits Available for Windows, iOS and Linux Free version available with unlimited keywords and sites to track Graphs to represent changes over time Generate intuitive and personalized white label reports Import keyword option for bulk ranking tracking Also serves as the perfect keyword research tool Cons Desktop software claims your PC space (but it doesn’t do much) Tedious for beginners until you get used to it have hands-on experience #2 LongTailPro Ultimate Rank Tracker – Get 39% Off We all know LongTailPro as a powerful keyword research and analysis tool. Surprisingly, its rank tracker can help you track SERP position against your target keywords. While using its built-in SERP keyword checker, you can categorize

your checks and searches into individual

projects. Simply enter the domain URL and several keywords against which you want to track the ranking. The current version of LTP lets you choose between Manufacturing Directors Email Lists three search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Hopefully the team will improve the tool with more search engines to follow. You will come to land on a dashboard with results, which is simple and precise. The tool fetches current rankings as well as history, including last month from yesterday and last year. Also, you can see when the leaderboard was updated and the next update will be. The tool can also highlight top-ranking pages in a graphical representation. You can perform a deeper analysis of its daily performance and

download for further analysis

Manufacturing Directors Email Lists

You can add a rating such as “high priority” or “keep watching for a possible ranking dance” to tracked keywords. Likewise, the LongTailPro Rank Tracker tool has many features to inspire you. Features and Highlights of LongTailPro Rank Tracker Neat dashboard with rank tracking results Allows you to track two domains to track for multiple keywords, within a month Reports with unique data like next rank update, last year’s ranking position, etc. Intuitive charts and graphs for more detailed understanding and analysis Options to manage or download your tracked keywords for later reference Benefits Simple, easy-to-use steps to track rankings Comprehensive tool for all things keywords Comes with

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