Many things in life are accumulated slowly, although there is no special moment that makes me change my decision

With concise words and deep eyes with a sharp light. When asked if there were any special stories that influenced his decision to change careers, he said bluntly: “, but I know that when I step into the catering industry Before, I never really liked what I was doing.” If Yan was curious about politics and his law school experience, he would answer that everything came from comparison: “If you don’t compare the opposing rationality of law with the food and beverage Compared to warm and sensual, I may not find myself liking sensual things. I asked Ray if he had started drinking so early in the past, and he shook his head, it seemed that even as the head of two well-known restaurants in Taipei, this was his first time in the new year.

Years after he set foot on the food tour, we now have a gentleman

The atmosphere at the table, the food and wine, and the recollections of people have attracted Yan from a young age. After graduating from the California Institute of Catering and squatting in the restaurant for a few years, Yan went to Las Vegas, where there are abundant catering learning resources, to study for the sommelier license. It was Morocco Phone Number also at that time that he accumulated a wealth of knowledge of food and wine. But after returning to Taiwan, it was not all smooth sailing for him. In addition to re-adapting to Taiwanese local culture, even the dining environment was completely new to him. “When I first came back, the drinking culture of Taiwanese restaurants was still  by consumers, and most of the customers brought their own wine to the restaurant and then paid the corkage fee.

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In addition to meeting with the chef every week to plan the

restaurant’s wine list, he also specially trained his waiters in wine-related knowledge, and through the waiter’s recommendation, he brought the attention of the guests to the meal and wine. “When I was teaching waiters, I found out that many young people are very interested  field (sommelier), but unfortunately there many professional resources in Taiwan.” So far, he has been promoting the wine list and sommelier culture. The forefront of the wine industry from the bottom up. In retrospect, there were many firsts that day, including starting drinking before 11am. Before entering the elevator,

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