Managewp Orion Dashboard Lets You Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

W ordPress is by far the best CMS application in the world. It represents more than 26% of the global Internet. The market share of WordPress is growing rapidly by observing the technological advancements in the world. Observing the fame and popularity that WordPress has gained from afar, the real question hovering in our minds is, who is monitoring all these websites? This is where the concept of managing variable WordPress websites came to the fore. In 2012, a company initiated under the flag of ManageWP. The ManageWP leadership team was trigger when many hosting organizations came to them with platform-specific solutions. However, all of these companies combined accounted for 5% of the overall WordPress market. Does this mean that the remaining 95% of WordPress websites are maintained manually? or not at all?

How Can Orion Help You on a Daily Basis

It has been assessed that running websites on WordPress can be expensive, requires a lot of jury rigging or laudable technical information. In order to bridge this huge gap between the WordPress community and the market, ManageWP came up with a solution, Orion. Orion is the best solution. It provides a next generation website management dashboard without any configuration hassle, a dashboard that is both easy and free to use. The ManageWP Orion dashboard uses AngularJS, Symfony, NodeJS, AWS, and many other technologies to achieve unprecedented responsiveness and speed. We tested the app and achieved the unthinkable: it feels Panama WhatsApp Number List like the dashboard is waiting for users, not the other way around. The overall process of adding a website to ManageWP only takes a few seconds.

How to Integrate Orion Into Your Websites

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Once you have installed and activated the working plugins on your WordPress admin dashboard, all you need to do is login to your dashboard and add the remaining websites there. Orion does not ask you for unnecessary details such as your credit card credentials and personal information. They have provided a user guide, which walks you through the process step by step in detail. Orion has a one-click concept. In order to save your time, they have introduced one-click login, one-click update and one-click management system. Now, with Orion on your WordPress dashboard, you can update websites, delete spam, and even manage comments with a single click. Plus, they’ve added the ability to manage collaborators, making it even easier to collaborate with your (remote) team and clients.

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